THE EXCHANGE project brings together artists from across the UK, pairing peers from different networks and opening up space for new creative conversations.
In 2021 i was selected by Newbridge Projects, and paired with Annabel Pettigrew, over the course of six months their Exchange focused on the idea of working together, yet separately. Sharing ideas around marking a passage of time, inspired by sacred knotting and intention setting they created knots related to intentions at the beginning of The Exchange which manifested into larger scale works
The nets made consist of square knots, which is a grounding knot. It is ancient and simple, and symbolises strength, unity, and binding (Boy Scouts refer to it as the ‘Brotherhood’ knot). The positions chosen were inspired by a lino print Annabel sent to Mani of two standing stones called ‘The Two Sisters’. 
The meditative process of knotting and net-making led them to produce work which offers sacred protection, capturing and wrapping the net around oneself to be enveloped in the intentions and thoughts passing. Standing in the landscape separate yet connected.
We sent post to one another and had regular zoom chats about or practice and thoughts. we created a joint playlist to listen to while making work and as part of the Exchange Summit Event, we hosted a Sacred knotting WORKSHOP. 
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